Alliance of Black Leaders

The Alliance of Black Leaders is an organization committed to creating a united front for all Black Clubs on campus. Thus guaranteeing unity and cooperation. The Black Student Association serves as the umbrella club for the Alliance of Black Leaders.

Shades of Ebony

"Shades of Ebony is an extraordinary club in which our members challenge the stereotypes of Black women through sisterhood and service. We have candid discussions about the challenges that we and our community face while still celebrating the strides that we have made through our journey at Notre Dame. We, the beautiful ladies of Shades, hope to see you soon!"
                         - Former Shades of Ebony President, Erdina Francillon ('10)


"The Wabruda is an organization based on brotherhood amongst African Americans. Through intellectual elevation, communal interaction and faith in God, we will strive to achieve social awareness and personal enlightenment."

                                                        —The Wabruda Mission Statement

Black Cultural Arts Council

The Black Cultural Arts Council recognizes that as African Americans, we share many common experiences.  Though it is important to be a member of the Notre Dame community, it is just as important to maintain one’s previous cultural identity.  The BCAC would like to be student's support system and provide cultural activities for the entire Notre Dame family to participate in together.  BCAC facilitates growth and enriches the Notre Dame community one student and one event at a time.  

African Student Association

Our goal is to promote all aspects of African culture through informational meetings and activities in hopes of bringing light to the sadly dark overview of Africa and its future. We recognize the problems being faced by the continent but hope not to let this reality overpower the many advancements in education, entertainment, government, and athletics...among many things. We hope to better educate club members in hopes that they in turn can educate those around them.