Meet the Executive Board


Ifeyinwa Nwebube

Chair, Class of 2022

Ifeyinwa Nwebube, the President of BSA, is from the San Francisco-Bay Area, California and has majors in Science Preprofessional Studies and Spanish. One fun fact about Ifeyinwa is that her name means "There is nothing as precious as a child."


Skyler Hamilton

Vice Chair, Class of 2022

Skyler Hamilton, the Vice President of BSA, is from Huntsville, Alabama and majors in Chemistry on the pre-med track. Apart from her involvement in BSA, she is also a member of the Women's Club Volleyball Team, the St. Andre Steering Committee, and multiple Student Government boards.


Kayla Seepersad

Treasurer, Class of 2024

Kayla Seepersad, the Treasurer of BSA, is from New York City, New York, but she grew up in Queens. She has majors in Finance and English and an additional minor in Education, Schooling, and Society. Kayla also is the owner of @happy_connections on Instagram, so go check her out!


Elie Rathon

Secretary, Class of 2023

Elie Rathon, the Secretary of BSA, is from Broward County, Florida and majors in Economics.


Lala Petty

Outreach Coordinator, Class of 2023

Lala Petty, the Outreach Coordinator of BSA, is from South Bend, Indiana and majors in Science Preprofessional Studies and Spanish.


Kareema Green

Public Relations Commissioner, Class of 2024

Kareema Green, the Public Relations Commissioner of BSA, is from Brooklyn, New York and double majors in Political Science and Sociology. 

Jessica Ashman

Diversity Council Representative, Class of 2024

Jessica Ashman, the Diversity Council Representative of BSA, is from Silver Spring, Maryland and majors in Sociology, Global Affairs, and Business Economics.